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Our products

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A dozen different kinds of cakes
Chocolate bars and so much more!
Bakery delights
Yeast breads, sweet breads and more!
Seasonal delights
Marrons glaces, Christmas Panettone and Easter Colombe…
Savory treats
Pretzels and gourmet pastries

Where more
than 100 years
the tradition
of sweets
has been
united with
the elegance
of Torino

The pastisserie Pfatisch was founded in 1915 by the famous Bavarian master chef, Gustavo Pfatisch, who was born in Fossano 1887 and, soon after birth, came to live in Turin.

In 1921 the business moved to its current location on Via Sacchi. As site for his business, the founder chose the splendid Art Nouveau edifice, with its original ceilings and ornately decorated stairways, designed in 1903 by renowned architect, Pietro Fenoglio.

In 1926, the shop and the façade were doubled in size by tearing down an internal foundation wall, which made it necessary to build two pillars to support the vault.

The shop was built in the austere style inspired by Art Deco that was all the rage in that era. The façade is made of solid Italian walnut with inlaid onyx and a signboard with brass lettering. The foundation is of alp-green marble.

esterno negozio con personale OLD


The antique laboratory

laboratorio3 OLDBetween the late 19th century and first decade of the 20th, the commercial space became not only a place for sales, but also included a separate area for processing the product. The laboratory was equipped with professional, cutting-edge machinery...

Today a true museum

i vecchi macchinari perfettamente conservatiThrough a staircase that connects the back room with the underground laboratory, one is transported to another dimension—filled with old machines manufactured between the 19th and 20th centuries...

Historical Place of Italy

Locali storiciThe Pfatisch Pastisseria is a member of the Historical Places of Italy, which includes 240 of the oldest and most prestigious public establishments in Italy, including hotels, restaurants, trattorias, pastry shops and cafés that have made history.

We produce
a dozen different
types of cakes.
The "Festivo"
from the early 60s
is the flagship
of our fresh

Our cakes


Festivo, invented in the early 60s, is real treat for the palate, but also for the eyes.

The "Festivo" and the marron glaces Pfatisch at TG5-Gusto

Pfatisch G. Pasticceria Confetteria - Historical place of Italy - Via Sacchi 42 - 10128 Turin - Ph. 011 5683962 - PIVA 11696200010