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Baked Delicacies

torte Langarola: made with Piedmont exclusive round hazelnuts, no flour or butter
Almond and Raspberry: shortcrust with a filling of raspberry marmalade and marzipan
Caprese: Cake made of almonds and chocolate without flour
Plum Cake
biscottiMilk cookies: made with shortcrust
Novara: without milk or butter
Anicini: without milk or butter
Savoiardi: soft, without milk or butter
Lagacci: fette biscottate
Amaretti morbidiAmaretti with only  hazelnuts or Italian almonds, without the use of armellines.
Paste lievitateRosetta: without raisins or candied fruit
Pan mandorla: made with marzipan pastry and candied fruit
Veneziane: with chocolate chips and a center of either apricot or pear
Panzucchero: without candied fruit
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