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Tavolette cioccolatoChocolate bars of different types, with and without Piedmont exclusive round hazelnuts. In addition to milk-chocolate bars, there are those with dark chocolate 54%, 70%, 80% and 100%.
GustavinoGustavini is a delicious praline with rum, meringue and soft chocolate filling.
GianduiottiThese classic small, Piedmontese chocolates, made with quality Piedmont exclusive round hazelnuts, come in three types: classic, dark chocolate and coffee.
diamanti arribaA precious diamond-shaped chocolate. Natural chocolate shell filled with a soft bitter cream with fragments of pure arriba cocoa.
Gianduja dark or milk chocolate candies, which are produced only at Carnival.
tricorni 1okTricorni reproduce the hat of the typical popular Savoy masquerade, filled with delicious Gianduja cream!
Praline nuoveDifferent types of chocolates in many sizes and glazed by hand. There are many flavors:caffè coffee, pistachio, walnut, almonds, crispy, bitter, maraschino (in two different types), alpine, classic cremini, cremino oil and salt, arancini, grape-bunches with whole hazelnuts (both milk and dark) , barrels (with Barbera chinata), alchechengi (seasonal), vanilla.
creme spalmabiliGianduja cream, Aurea cream (with almonds), Bitter cream (55% melting), Moka cream (Gianduja and coffee). In jars of 200 and 400 grams.
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