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The Pasticciaria

Il Festivo

Among the many cakes we manufacture, special attention goes to the Festivo, invented in the early 60s. The confection is real treat for the palate, but also for the eyes. It consists of two cocoa-meringue layers and a filling of chocolate Chantilly cream and is covered with chocolate chips. The characteristic tuft of a chocolate puff makes it unique.

Originally the Festivo was “Festival” but, due to a recipe widespread throughout Switzerland, where the name was already registered, it was renamed with name it holds today.

There is, however, not just one Festivo!



Assabese: shortcrust chocolate with hazelnut Chantilly
Fenice: hazelnut meringue-cake with pineapple
Vacherin: meringue sponge cake with candied hazelnuts and Chantilly cream
Sacher: classic fluffy Viennese cake with apricot jam
Giandujotto: white and dark meringue cake iced with Gianduja fudge



Crostata di frutta

Crostate with seasonal fruits

Mirandola: sponge cake with Marsala custard and Chantilly filling
Fragoletta: meringue cake with strawberry Chantilly
Fragolosa: meringue cake, sponge cake with strawberry Chantilly
Mont blanc: meringue cake with chestnuts (seasonal)





Marronata: meringue cake, cream and candied chestnuts
meringue cake with chocolate Chantilly and nougat
meringue cake with chocolate fudge






Fragoletta: Strawberries between two round layers of crumbled
white meringue cake filled with a delicate strawberry mousse
and pieces of fresh strawberry.
The entire cakes is covered with cream and pistachio pieces.







Fenice: Two round layers of crumbled white meringue cake
filled with whipped hazelnut Chantilly and cherries in syrup,
covered with cream and hazelnut powder, decorated with
pineapples in syrup.


Pasticceria fresca

Festivini, Assabesine, Bignole, Chantilly, Cream Favorites, Chantilly Hazelnut, Fruit Tartlets, Cream Strawberries, Chestnut Cream Tartlets, Puff pastry (cream and zabaglione), Bavaresine (mixed flavors and fruit), Tartlets (gianduja and nougat), Tronchetti (roll of sponge cake and chocolate), Mushrooms, Soupir (pistachio, raspberry, coffee, vanilla and lemon), classic Babà with cream, pistachio and zabaglione tartlets, nougat tartlets, Chantilly chocolate ...

Pasticceria seccaWe have a vast assortment of pre-prepared pastries.