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Seasonal Delights

Marron glacesMarrons Glaces (Candied Chestnuts) come from Villarfocchiardo, in the province of Turin, which produces the most tasty and suitable fruit for candying. They are boiled for over five hours, peeled by hand and candied for eight days with fine sugars for a result of exquisite craftsmanship.
The famous fried desserts for Carnival, also soaked in Cognac.
Crumbly and delicate. Classic or stuffed with Gianduja, with apricot jam or custard.
ColombeTypical yeast bread for Easter with candied orange.
Classic Columbe (Dove cakes)
Chocolate and Pear
Small dove cakes
panettoniClassic with candied fruit
Panettone without candies
Decorated without candied fruit and covered with white and dark chocolate, filled with Gianduja cream.
Focaccia befanaYeast bread with candied orange, amaretto glaze, and broad bean.
Tronchetto quaresimaleSoffice Sponge cake moistened with amaretto, stuffed with gianduja cream, almond paste, candied cherries, candied oranges, syruped cherries. All glazed with our dark chocolate.
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