Chocolate Bars

For us, tradition is also expressed through our iconic chocolate bars, whose image we have carefully preserved. With milk, 54%, 70%, 80% and 100% dark chocolate cacao, with or without tonde and gentili hazelnuts from the Piedmont.


As a symbol of our city, the Pfatisch gianduiotto has always been considered a product of excellence, the first ever individually wrapped chocolate. The Gianduiotto is Turin, and the Gianduiotto is Pfatisch. Enjoy all the flavours: Classic, or with coffee or pralinate. Gianduiotto has always been a trademark of our handmade chocolate production.

giandujotto ruby

The new version of our gianduiotto is made from a heart of gianduia chocolate covered with a very fine layer of Ruby chocolate, giving life to a refined filled chocolate with an antique, pink color. The one of a kind mixture of the two chocolates envelopes your palate with delicate fruit note.The base of the Ruby Gianduiotto is our golden leaves in Art Nouveau style. 



Covered with chocolate or molded from the shapes found from the past, the Pfatisch pralineria continues to be a must of our pastry shop. Raw materials of the highest quality evoke the flavors of yesteryear and the nostalgia of our grandparents giving the chance to discover new flavours, like coffee, pistachio, almonds, crunchy, bitter and many others. Discover your favorite.


Iconic and world famous. The flavours have always been the same: the Gianduja, the Aurea with almonds, Bitter with 55% Dark Chocolate and the Moka, which combines Gianduja and coffee.  Choose from the smallest 100 gr jar or the most enjoyable, 400 gr.



Dall’unione tra il cioccolato Pfatisch e il Toret nasce il TOH, la scultura di cioccolato fondente creata dall’opera di Nicola Russo. Una speciale collaborazione di valori e passione per rafforzare il legame di quest’opera e il territorio attraverso uno degli elementi, il cioccolato, che ha reso Torino famosa nel mondo.

Il progetto sostiene la Fondazione Piemontese per la Ricerca sul Cancro Onlus di Candiolo cui verrà devoluto il 10% del ricavato.


Traditions and processes handed down from generation to generation, that blend creativity and quality in every detail: 

This is how our products are made every day.

The processing started at the origin of the raw material with the roasting of cocoa beans on a live fire with traditional machines. The next step is the “Batticacao”, which is the operation of separating the skin from the pulp of cocoa, until the breaking of the beans themselves. 

All of the cocoa obtained must rest for 1 full year before being used, and then it has to be refined in the 5 cylinders. 

After 72 hours in the special bowl, we finally have chocolate. 

Many processes were carried out manually, such as the tempering of the chocolate that took place by hand with spatulas.

All of these processes are still used today, some carried out with innovative machinery, and others at a handcrafted level such as the production of our hand-shaped giandujotti.