Our Story

Our Story


The historic Pfatisch Patisserie was opened in 1915 by the famous master confectioner of Bavarian origin, Gustavo Pfatisch, who was born in Fossano in 1887 and soon arrived in Turin. In 1921, the company moved to its present location in Via Sacchi 42, in a magnificent Liberty style building designed by the famous architect Pietro Fenoglio.

In 1934, the management passed to Carlo Ferraris, already a partner of Gustavo Pfatisch. In April 2020, Francesco Ciocatto and his team are at the helm, reviving a brand that has marked the history of chocolate and artisan confectionery in Turin, rediscovering the tradition of ancient recipes.

In the basement, a real jewel, the complete factory for the production of chocolate; the old workshop is now a perfect museum dedicated to chocolate from the beginning of the last century.

In the shop, production continues as in the past with gianduiotti, bars, spreads, and pralines; and what about the savoury pastries created in the early 1950s. The jewel in the crown is 'Il Festivo', the timeless cake created in the early 1960s, consisting of two slices of cocoa meringue filled with chantilly chocolate cream and covered in chocolate flakes, garnished with the characteristic tuft of chocolate puff pastry that has always been present in the hearts of the people of Turin.


Pfatisch Patisserie has been declared a Historic Site of Italy and a Cultural Heritage, and is an almost unique example of a company that has remained intact since its foundation, 'supplier to the Royal Household' and frequented in the past by such personalities as the Savoy princes and princesses, the Duke of Aosta, the Countess Calvi di Bergolo, the Countess of Mirafiori, Cesare Pavese, Primo Levi, Mario Soldati, Indro Montanelli, Norberto Bobbio and many others.

Several films have been shot here, such as the feature film "Il grande Torino" with Michele Placido and Beppe Fiorello, "Enrico Mattei" directed by Giorgio Capitani and "Luisa Spagnoli" starring Luisa Ranieri and directed by Lodovico Gasparini.

The Pfatisch philosophy looks not only to the past but also to innovation. "Behind the historic brand, there are people, people who work every day with passion and commitment towards a common goal: the rediscovery of the flavours of the past".

Francesco Ciocatto and Stefanella Bergiotti.