Our cakes

Our cakes


Cocoa meringue filled with chocolate chantilly cream and covered in chocolate sprinkles. Unique, with an unmistakable tuft of chocolate puff.


White meringue filled with hazelnut chantilly, black cherries and whipped cream.


Chocolate shortcrust, hazelnut chantilly cream and thin chocolate puff pastry


Meringue and sponge filled with caramelised hazelnut chantilly cream


Classic Viennese soft chocolate cake filled with apricot jam

Mont blanc

Triumph of meringue and cream filled with a cascade of seasonal chestnut glacé

Seasonal fruit tarts

Crumbly shortcrust pastry welcomes a selection of the season's finest fruit, expertly arranged on a velvety custard base.

Paris brest

Delicate pistachio chantilly cream sandwiched between two slices of soft choux pastry


Crispy white meringue filled with a delicate strawberry mousse and diced fresh strawberries. All topped with whipped cream and pistachios