le nostre torte

Le nostre torte


Cocoa meringue filled with chocolate chantilly cream and covered with chocolate sprinkles. Unique, with a characteristic tuft of chocolate.


White meringue filled with a hazelnut chantilly cream, amarene and whipped cream.


Chocolate shortbread, hazelnut chantilly cream and thin layer of chocolate.


Meringue and sponge cake filled with Chantilly cream with caramelized hazelnuts.


Classic Viennese, soft chocolate cake filled with apricot jam.

Mont blanc

A mountain of meringue and cream, with a cascade of seasonal marron glacé.

Seasonal fruit tarts

Crumbly shortbread crust is the base for velvety pastry cream with the very best seasonal fruit, placed with precision and perfection.

Paris brest

Delicate Chantilly pistachio cream enclosed between two soft choux pastry discs.


Crumbly white meringue stuffed with a delicate strawberry mousse and fresh strawberry cubes. All covered with cream and pistachio crumbles.