Pfatisch coffee

Pfatisch coffee

A new blend created from the experience and appreciation of Corrado Alberto (Caffè Alberto) and Francesco Ciocatto (Pfatisch). Two generations of roasters and master chocolatiers who, together, have created an extremely elegant aroma that pays homage to the traditions of our city.

Called 'Miscela 1915', it is composed of 90% Arabica and 10% Robusta, extremely well balanced, with a round and homogeneous taste, without any overtones.

It is available in an espresso version, in a box of 20 Nespresso-compatible capsules and in a cylinder pack for mocha lovers.


The higher presence of the Arabica blend allows the right proportion of caffeine to be present, making our coffee also well-balanced in terms of intensity.

Coffee and chocolate stories in a cup for your palate.